Healing and Meditation Services

These services are supplied by Wahabah Hadia al Mu'id, an initiated, ordained minister, with concentrations in healing practices and Universal Worship as maintained by the Inayati tradition of the International Sufi Movement, a sufi order based on the original message transmission of Hazrat Inayat Khan.  Wahabah also creatively collaborates with teachers of the Sufi Ruhaniat International(Sufi) Inayati Order and members of The Sufi WayWahabah is also an initiate in the Chishtiyya, Qadiri and Tijanniya sufi orders.

ALL OF THESE SERVICES ARE BY DONATION ONLY. Donation can be waived if it is a hardship. All monies collected for these services are used for charity or to develop further spiritual educational programs/events.

Obviously, results of these services cannot be "guaranteed" but are offered in good faith given the willingness of the participants to attempt the practices.  All the services offered have many years experience (in some cases many hundreds of years) behind them.

Meditation Classes

Sessions focus on the breath and the practice of remembrance (zikr) for the purpose of calming the mind and body, clearing the heart and cleansing the spirit.  Sessions run in 30 minute increments and a $20 donation is requested (if it can be paid) for each increment.

Art of Personality

Coaching sessions focus on developing meditational techniques for specific circumstances: e.g. work/job related stress, personal physical/mental development, etc.  Does not replace but can be useful supplement to regular therapeutic sessions by qualified practitioners. Sessions run in 30 minute increments and a $20 donation is requested for each increment.

Pastoral Counseling and Ministerial Services

As an ordained minister, Wahabah is certified to conduct marriages, funerals, engage in pastoral counseling, house or child blessings, or any other service for which a minister might be called upon to perform.  Donation requested will vary based on request and/or need and will be agreed upon case by case.

Sufi Healing Practices

Wahabah regularly performs healing practices and rituals consistent with the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan as authorized by the Sufi Movement International.  Those desiring healing prayers for themselves or others may send in their requests to adablearning@gmail.com with 'prayer request' as subject header.  Please provide name of individual and description of ailment/circumstance. Make sure that the individual knows about and desires prayers being said on his/her behalf. There is no charge for this service. Individuals interested in participating or learning about the sufi healing practices may inquire at the same address for information.

Spiritual Aromatherapy

Wahabah is a certified spiritual aromatherapist in the Chishtiyya healing tradition.  Spiritual aromatherapy is a particular meditation practice that uses scent as a mechanism of emotional/mental clearing.  These techniques can be used in conjunction with but do not replace conventional therapeutic services by qualified practitioners.  Sessions run in 30 minute increments with a $20 donation requested for each increment.