Events and Investigations

WHAM Presentations and Workshops:   

Professor WHAM is now available for Rune Readings at the Enchanted Cafe on March 17, 24 and 31st from 12p-4p.                

MARCH 25, 2018, Enchanted Cafe, Red Hook, NY, 7-9p

Spring Renewal Celebration: Join WHAM in a Starry Heaven Ceremony that will summon the spirits of rebirth and renewal.


Other Events of Interest:.

Neetopk Keetopk will celebrate the Spring Equinox on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 from 5:30 til 8:30pm, at Seed Song Farm, 160 Esopus Ave, Kingston, NY.  Whether it is outdoors or in the hoop house depends on the weather/temperature on March 20.

Please bring a dish or other food/drink, non-GMO and without high fructose corn syrup, if possible, to share at the potluck after the ceremony. [Around 7pm.].


Church of Mabus Radio: Jeffrey Pritchett with co-host WHAM

Listen to the August 25 show with Gayle Beatty of Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley, detailing her new Bigfoot guide for kids, new evidence, sightings and more.

Listen here

Listen to the November 10 show with Paul & Ben Eno: Behind the Paranormal: Bigfoot, Mothman and Monsters You've Never Heard Of. Father and son investigative team share eye-opening and provocative new accounts of some of the strangest critters ever.

Listen here

Paranormal Investigations: WHAM

* A consultant and affiliate member of Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley

* Over 40 years experience investigating UFO/Abduction accounts and hauntings

* Advanced degrees in religious/occult/conspiracy history and American culture

If you've had a paranormal experience that you want to share, please contact me. If you need someone to come out and investigate, please contact me and we'll see what we can put together for you. Due to time and budgetary constraints I am not equipped to travel out of the New York state area at this time, but I know many researchers in other parts of the country and will do what I can to hook you up with them. All investigations are done free of charge and most of us work regular jobs. However, we will address your concerns as soon as possible. Reports are received via the contact form at all times. 

Contact me on FB at Hudson Valley Paranormal Central, or via the contact form on this website