Instructor: Carol S Matthews, PhD


  • Undergraduate degree in Philosophy with emphasis in Writing, Composition, Grammar, History and Social Science.
  • Master's Degree in Religious Studies, Ph.D. in American Cultural Studies with emphasis on History, Sociology and multidisciplinary theory.
  • 19 years of teaching in secondary and post-secondary education
  • Has taught at the United States Naval Academy, Culinary Institute of America, Dutchess Community College, University of Kansas, Midwestern State College of Missouri, Anne Arundel Community College, Maryland.
  • committed to diversity and multidisciplinary learning strategies
  • teaching experience in Writing, Grammar, Composition, Geography, General Sciences, American and World History, Social Sciences,Philosophy, Comparative Cultures and Religious Studies.
  • grounded in both traditional and alternative techniques of learning, including advanced internet research
  • exceptional communication skills
  • committed to helping each student develop and maximize his/her learning potential towards professional and personal betterment
  • transcripts and references available upon request.


  • Listed prices represent average standard contracted hourly rate given to New York adjuncts and tutors
  • Prices are negotiable within reasonable limits determined on case by case basis
  • Group and Block discounts for Test Preparation and Tutoring are available
  • Hourly sessions must be paid prior to commencement of session
  • Group sessions may be paid in two increments with an initial deposit and remainder due upon commencement of session.
  • Adab cannot guarantee examination results. We are pledged to improve student confidence and performance and will do whatever is possible within the tutoring/support context to maximize student potential. However, Adab is not liable for events beyond its control, including test scheduling, committee responses or variations in individual performance, lifestyle or habits.  Refunds may be available but will be determined on case by case basis. Prepaid sessions will not be refunded in case of student no show.  Block sessions are not refundable. In case of Instructor absence (due only to accident or serious illness) session will be rescheduled or possibly refunded if it is a single session prepay.
  • Sessions will generally be conducted in pre-agreed upon public space: library, school commons areas, community centers, campus offices, etc. 

Personal Teaching Philosophy:

Adab is an Arabic term which can mean many things.

Adab can mean writing, knowledge, information and text.

Adab also refers to personal refinement, learning, courtesy and knowing how to treat others as you’d like to be treated in each situation.

Adab is the process of learning which allows human beings to understand themselves and others and to successfully live in a world of community with all beings.

Adab Learning Services wants to give you the tools whereby you can meet educational and professional goals and use knowledge learned in a wide variety of circumstances.

Because, while knowledge may be power, power without wisdom and understanding is foolishness.


Adab Learning Services: Learning How to Learn