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WHAM Presentations and Workshops

AUGUST 15, 2017

Seth Material Reading Group, Enchanted Cafe, 7484 Broadway, Red Hook, NY 7p-9p, 845-835-8345

We invite individuals who are interested in learning and reading about, experimenting and sharing with like-minded others, the ideas, teachings and practices transmitted by Seth through Jane Roberts as recorded in the Seth material. In this first meeting, we'll talk about how we want to work the group and what we're going to read first.


Simple Dreaming: A Workshop, Enchanted Cafe, 7484 Broadway, Red Hook, NY 7p-9p 845-835-8345

Wahabah will share ideas, exercises and easy practices taken from the Seth Material, A Course in Miracles and traditional Sufism that can help participants work with dream and visionary experiences. Learn how to remember and more fully utilize your dreaming life.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Final Season book launch and presentation, Enchanted Cafe, 7484 Broadway, Red Hook, NY 6p-7p, 845-835-8345

Wahabah will be introducing and reading excerpts from her new book Final Season: A Lovecraftian Quartet. Come and listen to this interesting and mysterious blend of true and fictional events. Booksigning afterwards.

Other Events of Interest

JULY 29, 2017

Seeking Freedom in the Atlantic World, An Evening of Real History With Three Enlightened Elders: Panel with Pierre Leroy on the Haitian Revolution, Dr. A.J. Williams-Myers on the Nat Turner Slave Rebellion, Dr. Airy Dixon on the Seminole Wars. Paul Bermanzohn, moderator. African Roots Museum, 43 Gill Street, Kingston, NY. 6:30p-830p. For more info Odell Winfield, 914-388-3092.

Church of Mabus Radio Podcasts with Jeffrey Pritchett host, WHAM co-host 

Jon Bosley: Thylacine Tiger Researcher

Jon is a former member of the British military who has accumulated over 3000 hours in the Tasmanian mountains in search of evidence that thylacines, Tasmanian Tigers, still survive in remote regions. Although thylacines are officially considered extinct, with the last speciman dying in the Hobart Zoo over 80 years ago, Jon believes a few continue to persist, and he will be sharing his evidence with us.

First hour includes a fascinating talk with Jon Bosley about the possibility that Tasmanian Tigers have survived in the remote wilds of Tasmania.

Second hour includes WHAM discussing the various interpretations of the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21 which will cross the U.S. from coast to coast for the first time in nearly a century.

Listen here:




* A consultant and affiliate member of Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley

* Over 40 years experience investigating UFO/Abduction accounts and hauntings

* Advanced degrees in religious/occult/conspiracy history and American culture

If you've had a paranormal experience that you want to share, please contact me. If you need someone to come out and investigate, please contact me and we'll see what we can put together for you. Due to time and budgetary constraints I am not equipped to travel out of the New York state area at this time, but I know many researchers in other parts of the country and will do what I can to hook you up with them. Remember that all investigations are done free of charge and most of us work regular jobs. However, we will do the best we can to address your concerns as soon as we can.

Contact me on FB at Hudson Valley Paranormal Central, or via the contact form on this website